We are taking all precautionary steps through COVID-19 to ensure your safety and ours.


We will offer quality, non-invasive treatment of:

Diabetic Feet
Thick, Discolored nails
Ingrown, Involuted toenails
Corns, Calluses
Heel Fissures
Hammer toe pain
Plantar fasciitis
Arthritis pain
Muscle spasm or tension
Fungal Infections
Chronic pain and acute pain reduction
Compression fitting and orders
Custom Orthotics
Footwear & Slippers

Routine nursing foot care treatment includes:

Routine assessment of the feet
Referrals and recommendations as needed
Toenail trimming and filing
Treatment of corns and calluses
Treatment of immediate concern
Moisturizing foot rub
Health Teaching
Wound assessment, referral, treatment
Footwear assessment and advice on proper footwear needs